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Collingswood High School Class of 1961 Reunion Web Site

55th Reunion

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Collingswood High Class of 1961
55th Reunion
311 W. Cuthbert Boulevard
Haddon Township, NJ 08108
Fax: 856-858-8616


To All Collingswood High 1961 Classmates:

Tavistock had a minimum requirement of 100 reunion attendees; we won’t make that number. Your enthusiastic reunion committee jumped into action as soon as that became apparent. In the midst of our brainstorming, committee members John Aglialoro and his bride Joan Carter leaped forward with a wonderful idea. They would move their Sunday brunch to a Saturday brunch/luncheon/gathering. With the help of great people like Joan and John: "Out of adversity comes opportunity."

So, here is the new reunion plan. Friday night at the Taproom/Green Valley is canceled, as is the Sunday brunch. In their place is a Saturday brunch/luncheon/gathering from 11 AM through 5 PM at John's and Joan's home at 182 Tavistock Lane, Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033. The dress is business casual. The cost: John has suggested, and the committee has adopted, a $25 per attendee donation to: CHS '61 Reunion as a CHS '61 donation to the Collingswood High School Athletic Hall of Fame for scholarships.

Logistics: If you have sent your money for anything, your check will be voided and returned to you either by mail or in person at the brunch. If you are coming to the more intimate/relaxed reunion, you must (once again) register by email or mail or fax to the appropriate address above. Please note the number attending. Your $25 per attendee donation will be accepted at the door. In order to allow all to plan, ALL registrations must be made no later than Friday, September 16. If, in my haste to get this out, there is any pertinent information omitted, email me as above.

The committee looks forward to your joining us for a fun few hours of reunion, reminiscences, reflection and positive future "vibes."



John Aglialoro, John Barden, Joan Carter, Cyndy West Berchtold, Jonathan Goldstein, Bruce Greenberg, Art Mangano, Sally Wurster Mangano and Ken Landis

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